Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Student for Hagel

There is a new blog, Nebraska Republicans Rambling, that has posted in support of a Hagel run for President in 2008. Check out the blog and say hi.
Many rumors have spread about Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel running for the republican party's presidential nomination for 2008. As stated, they're only rumors. BUT, there are many bloggers and groups and even grass-root movements to encourage Hagel to run for the presidential nomination.
Being from Nebraska, I can back the support of Hagel. He has done great things for our state and I fell that he can take his experience and improve the state of our Nation. He has been described as a Bush backer/supporter, but is also pushing for a subtle pull-out of Iraq and discourages the sending of more troops into Iraq.
I really hope that Hagel gives it a shot in 2008! Americans could not ask for a better man. Check him out, and help out the Hagel movements!



At 6:39 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

Would he be interested in posting here at all?


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